Wall sculptures
  and architectural installations by Lundin Kudo

Lundin Kudo's work includes numerous wall sculptures
and architectural installations, including a 30-foot installation of wall sculptures at
Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach, Florida, the seagrape
and banyon tree entryways of private homes in Martin County and Palm Beach, and a 14-foot wall sculpture
in a courtyard of St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Stuart, Florida,
all shown below. Kudo's work also includes free-hanging wall sculptures,
including the sculptures of pears and figurative fine art sculptures
depicting ordinary people shown here.
Entryway sculpture at residence in Martin County, Florida (2004)


Palm Beach International Airport wall sculpture


"Always In Season"

Palm Beach International Airport (1990)

30 ft. x 7 ft. x 6 in.

Below, detail from "Always in Season"
before installation

Palm Beach International Airport detail




“Banyon Tree”


sculpture mural


8 ft. 2 in. x
6 ft. 4 in. x
5 in.


Banyon Tree wall sculpture mural


"Sea Grapes"


sculpture mural


8 ft. 2 in. x
6 ft. 4 in. x
3 in.


Seagrapes wall sculpture mural


Wall sculpture
in outdoor courtyard

14 ft. x 5 ft.

St. Mary's
Episcopal Church,
Stuart, Fla.

Below, detail from wall





St. Mary Episcopal Church wall sculpture

Detail of St. Mary's Episcopal Church sculpture



Panels from pool area wall sculpture

Crippled Children's Foundation,
Palm Beach, Fla.

Pool area wall sculpture  




“Shopping Woman”

Life-size wall sculpture



Older woman with purse, shopping bag



Shopping Woman detail during sculpting

Shopping woman during clay sculpting




“Jamaican Girl”


Wall sculpture
inspired by photograph
by Bruce Henderson

Collection of
Bruce and Susan Henderson




Jamaican Girl, 1993 wall sculpture




wall sculpture


Wall Fruit sculpture



Life size


Private collection


Wall sculpture of Fred


"Arrogant Agony"

Life size


Private collection


Arrogant Agony wall sculpture



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