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Fruit of the tree, vine and more . . .
Lucious fruit by Lundin Kudo
  Lundin Kudo explored the forms and colors offered by other fruits in this series of blueberries, Japanese cherries, grapes and a large honeybell orange. The blueberries were made from slip-casting molds created by the artist. Each piece was bisque fired and glaze fired, then fired for the iridescent and gold finishes. Despite being made from molds, each piece is slightly different. With the iridescent glaze, each blueberry changes coloration as it is viewed from varying angles. The other pieces were hand-built.  









Green grape sculpture

20 in. long

Purple Rain sculpture of grapes



10 in. x 22 in. x 13 in.





Grapes 2001






approx. 4 in. diameter,
4-1/2 in high









"Honeybell Orange"

26 in. x 20 in.
x 24 in.






Honeybell Orange



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